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Abaza Associates is a trademark in the legal sphere in Egypt and the Region with twenty-five years of experience. It is home to a team of trained, multi-linguistic, and highly skilled attorneys and legal consultants across all branches of law that can communicate across the globe.


Our areas of expertise extend to Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Labor, Litigation, and Family law to serve an array of establishments in the community, help build stronger connections between entities, and witness projects grow into fruition.

With integrity, reliability, respect, and our colossal understanding of the Egyptian legal system and international law, we provide and introduce our clients to the law to meet all their legal needs. We guide them through jurisdictions and provide legal protection of contracts through specialized academic legal drafting in Arabic and English.


We are continuously building a bridge of trust with our clients and partners to nourish our success, which we primarily owe to our lawyers that amassed years of experience and have the ability to absorb and understand all legal issues of different complexities and work in an organized and specialized way to solve them while putting our clients first.






Employment and Labor

Contracts and Agreements


Mostafa Abaza

Co-founder of the Abaza Associates and Former Chief Prosecutor at the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, Mostafa Abaza, is committed to handling complex cases across the areas of law and serving clients.

Mostafa Abaza’s significant years of experience and diverse practices focus on commercial, finance, maritime, civil, immigration, and labor law.

His expertise in providing legal services to multinational companies was honed during his time as Chief Prosecutor, where he mastered drafting agreements, arbitration, and dispute resolution. All skills that are vital in Litigation, Employment, and Corporate law.

Clarity and communication are salient aspects of legal counseling, and Mostafa Abaza is committed to serving the clients’ interests and maintaining a quality-focused relationship to attain the best results in a timely matter.


Muhammad Youssef

Since joining the firm in 2010, Muhammad Youssef has contributed to accomplishing numerous difficult and complex legal tasks with his wide range of legal experience and wisdom in managing all cases and judicial disputes.

Mr. Muhammad is distinguished by his ability to review and draft—in both Arabic and English—the appropriate legal foundations for investment corporates and individual entities to help avoid potential legal and judicial disputes, which is due to his experience in various branches of Egyptian law. Such as commercial law and everything related to the laws of investment corporate, whether for Egyptians or foreigners working in the land of Egypt, labor law, tax laws, customs laws, administrative law, and the Egyptian state council, intellectual property law, related laws in technological issues, and personal status laws.